Changed Your "Judgey Pants" Lately?

November 2, 2015

Been pooped on, pee’d on, puked on, … AND judged.  They ALL stink!  Every mom can attest to the three “P’s!”  It’s one of those not-so-fun parts of being a mother. Being judged and judging others unfortunately, is part of being human.  And it could be the stinkiest of the four.

So, just wondering…are you wearing your “Judgey Pants” today?  Am I?  Maybe it’s time we take a look inside…  Are we starting to reek because our judgey pants haven’t been tossed in the washer for awhile?  It is ONLY through repentance that we are washed clean and if we don’t keep an eye on them, they get down right stinky.  Judgmental mindsets and attitudes start weighing us down just like an over filled diaper.  Doesn’t take long before it begins creeping up the middle of our backs and before you know it, our hearts are immersed like a cess pool.  Sooner rather than later, that ‘head to toe thing’ is going on.  That’s when the reeking needs major tweaking!

People smell it from miles and miles away.  It comes across in our attitudes and our body language.  And, our words?  Our words are dead ringers.  No on escapes the dirty deed and nasty seeds that are spewed out of our mouths like sunflower seeds in a machine gun.  When they pelt us at break neck speed and those little boogers hit us like bats out of hell, they sting like the dickens.  Sometimes they even get lodged under our skin.  That’s when it requires surgery from the most qualified of surgeons, the Great Physician.

Pride isn’t pretty.  When that sucker raises its ugly head, our noses hit the sky, and we start thinking we’re better than somebody else, all hell breaks loose.  It gets ugly.  REAL ugly…

I can’t believe Mary is doing that!  Why, I NEVER…  Would you just look at Sue’s bratty kid carrying on in Walmart?!  She must have missed the boat when it comes to parenting skills.  I mean, compared to MUAH and all…Mary is such a “B,” and she’s suppose to be a christian?  REALLY?  Eric and Diane HAD TO have done something wrong to have a daughter on drugs!


Dang…It hurts like hell to be judged.  Especially by our own brothers and sisters in Christ.  And imagine how it must feel to others when we are the ones perpetrating the ugly deed?  It’s definitely not the warm fuzzy feeling we get from the opposite of this dastardly deed:  LOVE!

A few months ago I had to confront someone that had released some harsh words of judgment against my family.  There were bits and pieces that were true, but the individual releasing the judgment, completely free of charge– thinking they were helping me, aren’t God.  Neither are you or I.  This person begrudgingly informed me, “I’m not judgmental in the least.  I just have some very strong opinions.”  Ya think?  (Oops!  There I go judging them for judging me)!

Folks, opinions are judgments.  Don’t let that fool you.  Judgment is judgement.  It’s also a behavior to which the law of gravity applies.  What goes up, must come down.  Whenever anyone of us are lifted up in pride, scripture is as clear as a bell:   We are headed for a fall!  SPLAT!  And, we will be judged in the same harsh manner and in the same way as we judge our brother, sister, mother, father, or you fill in the blank (Matthew 7:1-3).

Be assured, on the way down, we are certain to be humbled because when we exalt ourselves, that’s the magic consequence.  Likewise, when we humble ourselves, we will be lifted up–cuz our God is cool like that (Matthew 23:12).

So, if you catch yourself judging someone, even midstream, STOP, DROP, and ROLL.  That fire needs to be put out before you start reeking and everybody in a hundred mile radius knows you’re coming.  JUST. SAY. NO! And, if you haven’t taken off your judgey pants lately, isn’t it time?

(This is not the same thing as "Judging someone by their fruit" as spoken of in Matthew 7:16.  It is important for us to judge another's fruit without SITTING in judgment of them.  Do you see the fruits of the Spirit operating in their lives that Galatians 5 speaks of?  If you do not, it is very likely they are not a Christian.  There should ALWAYS be evidence in a Christian's life that they belong to Jesus through the operation of the fruits of the spirit.   At the same token, only God can judge.  By all means pray for them, and lay them at the feet of Jesus).

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