Life Coaching

Great Exchange has added a new dimension to our ministry repertoire:  Life Coaching!  We have found there to be a tremendous need for it.  Many are not able to afford professional counseling, and do not know where to turn when circumstances in life present themselves that call for help over life’s hurdles.  

Because we are not licensed counselors, we choose to call what we do, “Life Coaching.”  Our reliance is strictly on the Master Counselor Himself, Jesus Christ.  As we pray to God for Holy Spirit insight and wisdom for each unique situation, we are enamored again and again by His amazing wisdom and revelation.  He knows each one of us intricately and He certainly knows how to impart wisdom that is beyond our earthly comprehension.  While we respect and honor those that have studied hard and become degreed in this area of expertise, we believe there is a vast difference between individuals that counsel from head knowledge, and those that have the ability to hear the voice of a the Lord for an individual and being led of His Spirit on their behalf.

In situations that warrant it, we are blessed to have access to a few professional counselors for consultations when necessary.    

We meet with individuals on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the particular need, and we will do both in person and phone sessions, on a donation basis..  

Here are a few testimonies from individuals that we have done Life Coaching with:

Marianne, Tijeras, NM

When I (Carole), met with Marianne we were able to discuss the mindsets she had developed that pinpointed her emotional eating and then pray over those.  This is Marianne’s testimony!:  

“Carole, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gifts of power warrior prayer and love yesterday.  Today I am down 13 lbs.  It was 11 yesterday.  Holy Spirit is showing me weight loss is also spiritual.  I am losing the weight of so many sins that once controlled me:  Anxiety, fear, control, manipulation, negativity, depression, discord, hopelessness and so many more!  I had no idea these things were so physically heavy.  Thank you Jesus for FREEDOM!  The “Great Exchange” is at work!”

K.C., Albuquerque, NM

"A couple of years ago, I went through an extremely tumultous divorce.  In addition, I needed help working through some control issues in my life.            Through that process, I have been set free from allowing myself to be controlled by others.  I also recognize and resist my tendencies towards                   controlling others.  Carole's counsel was invaluable to me.  She was gentle, encouraging, and tremendously insightful.  I was able to handle an  incredibly hurtful experience with more grace and wisdom because I was able to "unload" and process my situation and then act upon things in the light  of very Godly counsel.  Carole was truly a blessing to me and I would highly recommend counseling with her to anyone in need. I have never felt more  free and at peace!" 

Lena, Albuquerque, NM 

"I was in a dysfunctional marriage for many years.  My husband was a classic "control freak" so I became very codependent on him.    After years of allowing him to control me, I slowly began to lose my identity and the ability to think for myself or share how I really felt about his constant control.  When he passed away, I found I still struggled with allowing myself to be controlled by others. Several months ago I went through a class that Great Exchange offered entitled "The Chaotic World of a Controller, (and those that suffer needlessly at their hands.) Not only did I learn how to set boundaries with controllers, I also learned how to share my feelings with those closest to me.  Carole taught us the difference between "I feel" statements and "You are" statements when confronting individuals that we have conflict with, and versed us on remaining calm but firm during a conflict.  We then got to break up into groups of two and practice this with a partner using several scenarios that were provided for us.  Though sharing my feelings was awkward at first, I can honestly say after practicing this on a regular basis, this is an area in which I have truly been set free! Those closest to me are responding to me, and seem to respect me for speaking up when there is a conflict.  I never realized what a HUGE difference simply sharing my feelings could make.  I am no longer struggling with intense feelings of frustration from holding my feelings inside!